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"Self-esteem is the world's greatest elixir. Confidence is a self -fulfilling prophecy through which all accomplishments are conceived and achieved. We inspire and build self-esteem."
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

Zenviba Academy of Art and Science Inc. believes that knowledge is power, as it lifts people out of poverty and improves the quality of life and prosperity for both current and future generations. Our mission is to develop human capital in under-resourced communities by providing entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, art and math program initiatives. Since 2008, our high-quality ESTEAM programming has transformed and empowered the lives of over 3,000 youths through self-esteem enhancement by tapping their interests and aspirations, broadening their exposure and knowledge base, improving their creative and critical thinking skills, academic performance, self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, career development, environmental awareness and long-term success.

ReUNION is the brainchild of Zenviba Academy President and award-winning author, historian and economist, John William Templeton. ReUNION is our proprietary massively open online curriculum (MOOC) platform designed to eliminate the achievement gap for African-American students within six years by providing them with comprehensive cultural awareness and their true historic and current contributions to mankind. Powered by 25 years of our exclusive research and proprietary curriculum, The Learning Garage™ psycho-social intervention, calibrated to address 24 different points of influence for learners of African descent, and other acquired materials such as UNESCO's General History of Africa and General History of the Caribbean, it can bring 80 percent of students to subject proficiency in 6 weeks. ReUNION's success is unparalleled and it has been recommended to the nation's largest school districts by the American Educational Research Association and is in the process of being integrated in the San Francisco Unified School District.

Creative Holistic Art Integrated education curriculum is the brainchild of Zenviba Academy Executive Director Rachel J. Hughes. CHAI incorporates art forms to stimulate right and left-brain synchronization which amplifies cognition and improves the learning experience. The importance that art, in all of its forms, has played in history in the development of all cultures throughout civilization is undeniable. To date, archeologists have uncovered 30,000 years of art history and only 10,000 years of food cultivation. CHAI curricula are currently delivered at iTech High School in Miami, Florida and at our mountain retreat in Asheville, North Carolina.

Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs are made, not born. Like Rumpelstiltskin, we spin straw into gold. We mint CEOs utilizing our proprietary ReUNION and CHAI curricula and other specialized technical training, courses, workshops, seminars and one-on-one mentoring that match participants with business professionals and subject matter experts that provide guidance through training and beyond. We foster the professional development of creatives interested in pursuing careers in the Arts and Sciences through our incubator where we pair aspirants with professional Zenviba staff who nurture, mentor, hone and showcase their talents to seek professional opportunities and create viable business models to market their ideas.


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