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Global Citizens

Energy Partners

“If Mother Nature had intended for man to use fossil fuels
to power our lives, She surely wouldn’t have buried
them miles beneath the earth’s surface”
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

Firm Capacity

Zenviba Energy Partners generates, transmits and distributes firm capacity 100% sustainable, environmentally safe and low cost energy from our proprietary technologies. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that only 11% of world’s energy consumption is from renewable energy sources, which they project to grow to 15% by 2040. EIA also estimates that only 21% of world electricity generation is from renewable energy, which they project to grow to 25% by 2040. Zenviba’s highly disruptive distributed generation (DG) technology will revolutionize renewable energy generation.

Caribbean Islands

By significantly reducing their energy costs per kilowatt, Zenviba will enable economic diversification in the Caribbean away from tourism and banking which could double their GDP within 10 years. Lower energy costs coupled with their business-friendly climate, will entice companies to invest in light manufacturing and other industries that will spark economic development, create high paying jobs and generate additional sources of revenue for the island nations.

Emerging Markets

Developing countries rich in natural resources and human capital do not have reliable power generation, which stifles their economies and growth prospects. Additionally, there is an unfortunate direct link between quality of life and the availability of electricity. The dichotomy is simple, as citizens with electricity are healthier, better educated, earn more and enjoy a better standard of living than those without. Zenviba will bring affordable, reliable energy to emerging economies and level the playing field.