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Public Policy


Center for Environmental Justice

“Most of the problems in the world today are the direct result of a
fundamental lack of respect. We have no respect for our
fellow mankind, nature or national sovereignty.”
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

We Seek the Truth and We Speak the Truth to Power

Contrary to deceitful political rhetoric, the U.S. Constitution is indeed a living, breathing document, as evidenced by its twenty-seven amendments, and it is in need of further modernization. Zenviba Center for Environmental Justice Inc., a Benefit Corporation, is a non-partisan think and do tank. We engage in policy without getting involved in politics. We understand the power of secrets and believe that influence should be used to benefit those without any. We advocate for an Accountable and Responsible Government to ensure that Human Rights and the Environment are always respected and free from politics.

Climate Change

We view Climate Change as an existential threat to mankind. As world population doubles in over the next 35 years, man's greatest challenge will be harvesting and harnessing that which is naturally present in our environment to feed and power our lives without destroying the earth in the process. We are the first generation to experience the effects of climate change, and the last one to have an opportunity reverse it. Many climatologists believe that we are past the point of no return. As environmental stewards, we must all do our part to help protect the earth's delicate eco-system and natural habitat to ensure that it will provide for future generations to come.

Vital Go-To Resource

Zenviba is data driven, and we have been compiling our own proprietary research since 1993. We are a leading resource of economic, demographic and industry trends in the U.S. Our rich content library has produced 40 books, numerous reports and documentaries. We track trends and forecast challenges, disruptions and opportunities in the economic and social sectors. We provide qualitative, quantitative and "mixed methods" research that outlines issues and proposes solutions for comprehensive community development and transformation through strategic partnerships which reflect consensus built strategies for sustainable economic prosperity and wealth creation.

Social Sector Evaluation

The call for evidence-based practice, resource efficiency, and proven outcomes means that rigorous evaluation is becoming ever more important. We focus on key industries, where we have a core competence, to provide a high level of consulting and technical assistance that adds value to foundations seeking to increase their PRIs. Our services include Social Return on Investment (SROI); Strategic Foresight and Planning; Social Innovation; Social Venture Development; Social Entrepreneurship; Enterprise Development; Social Impact Assessment; Social Enterprise Strategy; Social Sector Evaluation; Project and Program Evaluation; Education; and Community Wealth Building.