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Who We Are




We are Activists

"Most of the problems in the world today are the direct result of a fundamental lack of respect. We
have no respect for our fellow mankind, nature or national sovereignty. We fundamentally reject
anything that gives a person or entity unnatural dominion over another."
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

We Seek the Truth and We Speak the Truth to Power

Zenviba Foundation is a non-partisan think and do tank that engages in policy without getting involved in politics. We seek the truth and we speak the truth to power. We are provocative in our approach. We share our vision and defend our ideas. We believe there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Doing what's right should be an involuntary bodily response. We endeavor to do things the right way the first time, every time. We understand the power of secrets and believe that influence should be used to benefit those without any. We advocate for an Accountable and Responsible Government that ensures Human Rights and the Environment are always respected and free from politics.

Fresh Food for Thought

Contrary to deceitful political rhetoric, the U.S. Constitution is indeed a living, breathing document, as evidenced by its 27 amendments, and it is in need of further modernization. We are a leading data driven resource on U.S. economics and demographics. Since 1993, we have curated our proprietary research that has produced 53 books, numerous reports, publications and documentaries. Our qualitative, quantitative and "mixed methods" reports track trends and forecast challenges, disruptions and opportunities and propose comprehensive solutions for sustainable economic development. Based upon our proprietary research and analysis, we suggest the following reforms be enacted:

Campaign Finance Reform

Election Reform

Foreign Policy Reform

Legislative Reform

Terms & Limits Reform

Equal Pay & Minimum Wage

Healthcare Reform

Income should never be a determinant in receiving quality healthcare. Sadly, congress, insurers and drug companies have conspired with impunity to rig the system against the poor. Zenviba would like everyone in U.S. to have access to high-quality healthcare. We maintain that good health is a three-legged stool of mind, body and spirit. As people are a country's greatest asset and resource, we must ensure their health. There is no greater national security concern. Suggested reforms:


The United States of America is a nation of immigrants and that is one of our greatest strengths. Anyone that would seek to impose discriminatory restrictions on new immigration, without justifiable cause should have their motives questioned.

Internet Access


Tax Reform

Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships

The Self-Employed

Personal Income Tax

Non-Profit Qualifications

Energy Policy Reforms

We view climate change as an existential threat to mankind. We are the first generation to experience the effects of climate change, and the last one to have an opportunity reverse it. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we must end our dependence on highly polluting fossil fuels, period, whether they are from foreign or domestic sources. While the U.S. represents only 5% of the world population, we produce 20% of greenhouse gases. Suggested reforms:

Food Policy Reforms

The head of Australia's National Science Foundation, Dr. Megan Clark, recently stated, "It is hard for me to comprehend that in the next 50 years we will need to produce as much food as has been consumed over our entire human history." The sad reality of our global food production is that we are rapidly approaching the limits of arable land and productivity. Further, we are employing practices that are destroying the soil's capacity to produce food. Less than 1% of the land mass remains available for farming, which won't come close to meeting the demand on agriculture for food. Suggested reforms:

Waste & Recycling Program Reforms

The U.S. produces 250 million tons of garbage per year and only a miniscule portion is currently being recycled. Food waste makes up 15% of landfills, as currently 25% of all food spoils before reaching the market, the average grocery store in the U.S. throws away 800-1000 pounds of food daily which, and the average restaurant wastes an average of ½ pound of food for every dish prepared. That means 3 cents of every dollar goes into the trash, not including the food that is uneaten on plates and discarded. Decomposing food produces methane gas which is 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide (C02). We must become serious about producing less waste on the front end and utilize waste to energy programs on the back end. It is not just the wasted food itself that is the problem. There is a large multiplier effect when one considers the wasted natural resources that it took to produce the food. Suggested reforms:

 Strategic Partnerships