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We are Globalists

"Globalization and interdependency means a lack of opportunity anywhere is an existential
threat to peace and stability everywhere, as local issues can quickly become cross-border
issues. As such, First World countries must transcend their imperialist mindsets and
truly help developing economies achieve prosperity."
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

Global Asset Management

Zenviba Trading Company Ltd. is a Panama domiciled merchant bank and asset manager that offers complete anonymity. We provide multifaceted global trade facilitation of commodities, other products and real estate, as well as investment management including administration, accounting and record keeping, escrow and custody, automated electronic accounts receivables and payables and lock box services for governments, sovereign wealth funds, multinational companies, family offices and entrepreneurs with global business interests.

We are strategically positioned, fluent in all major tongues, understand local cultures and draw upon our decades of international experience and invaluable relationships that reach the highest level of the public and private sectors. Our B2C, B2B, B2G and G2G platforms offer strategic planning, market intelligence, lead generation, sales, marketing, distribution, logistics, skilled labor and raw materials.

Global Players in a Local Symphony

There are market economies and political economies. The poor live in political economies. We are Globalists that bridge cultural divides and improve the quality of lives worldwide. We introduce free-market principles, technology and the global capital markets to emerging economies to produce economic development, mutually beneficial trade, promote peace, understanding and global prosperity.

We seek international Joint Venture opportunities for our U.S. based Portfolio Companies to enter foreign markets with the support and partnership of local established complimentary businesses to help ensure their success and our investment goals are realized. We also seek to engage entrepreneurs and executives in local markets abroad to represent, market and operate Zenviba’s offshore subsidiaries and Portfolio Companies.

United States Immigration Opportunities

Zenviba IBIS Partners Fund is strictly reserved for non-U.S. investors. The Fund facilitates direct foreign investments into Zenviba Portfolio Companies, their sponsored projects and proprietary disruptive technologies under the United States EB-5 Investment Visa and E-2 Investment Visas programs designed to promote trade and investment, whereby Foreign Investors may be entitled to temporary residency, permanent residency and in some cases even American citizenship. The Fund also facilitates L-1 Visas, L-1A Visas and L-1B Visas which allow our international management and technologists to immigrate to the United States. The Fund is highly concentrated and may invest in ten holdings or less and takes a long-term view and intends to remain invested and engaged through project completions, commercialization of the technologies, product roll-outs, a buyout or an initial public offering. We engage top United States Immigration Attorneys to help guide our foreign Investors, Partners and Team Members through the process from start to finish.


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Tony R. McCray II, Managing Director

Magic City
Miami, Florida

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Michael G. Holmes
Managing Director
Silicon Beach

Santa Monica
California, USA

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John William Templeton
Zenviba Capital Corp

San Francisco,
California USA

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New York USA

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Washington, DC

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Panama City,

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Eyas Sabri
Managing Director

Amman, Jordan

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Rachid El Bekraoui, Managing Director, MENA

Rabat, Morocco

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Lagos, Nigeria

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Dubai, UAE

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Moscow, Russia

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