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Who We Are

How We Deliver





How We Deliver

"Most of the problems in the world today are the direct result of a fundamental lack of respect. We have no respect for our fellow mankind, nature or national sovereignty. We fundamentally
reject anything that gives a person or entity unnatural dominion over another."
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

Venturata Tokens

Venturata is the pro-rata equity participation in the benefits of new opportunities, technologies and economic development ventures. Venturata Tokens are issued and administered by Zenviba Trust Company as a return on investment enhancement for our Visionary Level charitable contributors to the Zenviba Benefit Corporation and Zenviba Academy of Art and Science initiatives. Venturata Tokens are exchangeable for Class B Common Non-Voting Stock shares of predetermined Zenviba Portfolio Companies with potentially disruptive technologies. The exchange rate of Venturata Tokens is set at the sole discretion of Zenviba Trust Company, which may vary and change without notice. The Zenviba Portfolio Company shares received in exchange are classified as Restricted Stock and are nontransferable and must be traded in compliance with special U.S. Securities Exchange Commission regulations. Full details and privileges are provided upon issue.

 Strategic Partnerships