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We Invest in People and Ideas               Innovation Does Not Respect Tradition, and Neither Do We               We are Creatives, Environmental Capitalists, Social Entrepreneurs and Global Citizens               We Bring Meaning to Investing               Innovation Without Purpose is an Empty Exercise

We Invest in People and Ideas

"We believe that impossible is the temporary stage in everything
that is, was of ever will be. Achieving what has never been
done, is the collective spirit and mindset that drives us."
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.




Zenviba® is the feeling of serenity, harmony and understanding! The House of Zenviba is a Fourth Sector incubator of free thinking Creatives, Environmental Capitalists, Social Entrepreneurs & Global Citizens that value making a difference on par with profits in our investment decisions, initiatives and endeavors.


Zenviba® is changing the world by developing disruptive technologies that create new paradigms, revitalize communities, lift nations out of poverty and make the planet and all of its inhabitants healthier. And we seek imaginative people with innovative ideas and thoughtful institutional venture partners on our quest.