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Global Citizens

Zenviba in the News

»March 1, 2016 Finance executive Wolff J. Charles named Treasurer of non-profit investment bank
»February 1, 2016 Media executive Roberto Prado named Managing Director Omnimedia Co.
»February 1, 2016 Media executive Alberto Pando named Managing Director Omnimedia Co.
»November 17, 2015 Zenviba Pays Tribute to Art Pioneer Sargent Claude Johnson
»September 1, 2015 Non-profit veteran Ruben Ortiz named Executive Director Academy of Art & Science
»June 1, 2015 Zenviba creates the first of their kind Justice Bonds to address disparities
»January 1, 2015 Partner Don Alves II named President of Zenviba Hospitality
»December 1, 2014 Stuart D. Cooper named Partner & President Zenviba Technologies Company
»November 1, 2014 Award Winning Venture Capitalist Franklin Madison named Managing Director
»July 1, 2014 Seeded Innovation & Equity Fund to capitalize minority controlled technology firms
»July 1, 2014 Zenviba becomes one of the first to establish a benefit corporation in Florida
»June 1, 2014 Latin hit maker Roy Tavaré named Partner & VP, Artistic Development Zenviba Music label
»December 1, 2013 John William Templeton named Partner & President of non-profit investment bank
»November 1, 2013 Music industry legend Russ Regan named VP of Zenviba Music label
»November 1, 2013 Music industry legend RJ Nadal named VP of Zenviba Music label
»October 1, 2013 La Pesa Founder Honey Rossi named Partner & President Zenviba Music label
»September 1, 2013 Clinton White House staffer Jeffrey H. Watson named Managing Director
»July 17, 2013 Catapultech Fund sold Apollo Energy Systems stake at 1,000% ROI
»December 22, 2012 Catapultech Fund acquired stake in Apollo Energy Systems
»January 1, 2012 Renowned Motown musician Carl Butch Small named VP Omnimedia Co.
»August 1, 2011 Oscar winner, Louis Gossett, Jr. named Trustee & Spokesman of Academy
»January 1, 2011 Established 4th Sector Social Venture Intermediary for Public/Private partnerships
»December 1, 2010 Historian and Economist John William Templeton named Managing Director
»December 1, 2010 Saudi Arabian Royal Family advisor Michael G. Holmes named Managing Director MENA
»August 1, 2010 Clinton White House staffer Connie Coopersmith named Partner
»October 1, 2010 Seeded Venturata Fund to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina & BP oil spill
»July 1, 2010 Social entrepreneur Tony R. McCray II named Managing Director
»June 18, 2010 Non-Profit investment bank established to provide capital to urban communities
»January 15, 2010 Showbiz veteran Donald E. Alves named Partner & President Zenviba Entertainment Co.
»January 15, 2010 Seeded IBIS Fund II to develop and acquire entertainment content
»January 15, 2010 Seeded Catapultech Fund, issued RFP to finance R&D of sustainable technologies
»December 31, 2009 IBIS Fund liquidated with 400% ROI
»September 1, 2008 Seeded IBIS Fund to acquire distressed assets and securities
»September 1, 2008 Finance veteran W. Spencer Harris named Partner & CFO
»September 1, 2008 Anthony B. Akinyede named Partner & Managing Director Sub-Saharan Africa
»September 1, 2008 Moulay Rachid El Bekraoui named Partner & Managing Director MENA
»August 4, 2008 IBIS Capital Partners founded by Gregory S. Daniel Family Office