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Zenviba Omnimedia Company provides fully integrated C3 content creation, curation and circulation. Creation: Art Patrons were the original venture capitalists. We offer dynamic international multicultural creatives from wide-ranging disciplines our capital, culture of enthusiasm for innovative endeavors, knowledge, tools and invaluable relationships to converge and work side by side as entrepreneurs in a spiritually vibrant ecosystem conducive to inspiration and exploration, free of constraints and conflicts to imagine a world where anything and everything is possible. Curation: We produce, publish, aggregate and syndicate various content in art, fashion, music, sports, entertainment, news, education, diplomacy, finance, technology, event planning and management, as well as public relations and public affairs to eloquently deliver a message or position a brand. We are experts in breaking down barriers, banishing stereotypes and dispelling ignorance by relating experiences that make us all human and resonate with people of all ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Circulation: We are creating a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) called Ottrois, which will be the world's first affordable over the top (OTT) unlimited high-speed connectivity mobile network that seamlessly delivers 100% consumer driven information, entertainment and social media safely and securely to your fingertips in one tap, anywhere, anytime. Ottrois' proprietary platform will offer customized strategic communications services for B2C, B2B and B2G with measurable interactive digital marketing solutions.

Zenviba Technologies is focused on developing and commercializing cost effective sustainable food, energy and water treatment technologies for the Caribbean Islands and global emerging economies. Bringing affordable, reliable energy will enable economic diversification in the Caribbean away from tourism and banking which could double their GDP within 10 years. Lower energy costs coupled with their business-friendly climate, will entice companies to invest in light manufacturing and other industries that will spark economic development, create high paying jobs and generate additional sources of revenue for the island nations. Developing countries rich in natural resources and human capital, currently do not have reliable power generation, which stifles their economies and growth prospects. Unfortunately, there is a direct link between quality of life and the availability of electricity. The dichotomy is simple, as citizens with electricity are healthier, better educated, earn more and enjoy a better standard of living than those without.

Zenviba generates, transmits and distributes firm capacity 100% sustainable, environmentally safe and low-cost energy from our proprietary technologies. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that only 11% of world’s energy consumption is from renewable energy sources, which they project to grow to 15% by 2040. EIA also estimates that only 21% of world electricity generation is from renewable energy, which they project to grow to 25% by 2040. Zenviba’s highly disruptive distributed generation (DG) technology will revolutionize renewable energy generation.

Fuel Cells Zenviba has developed highly disruptive environmentally friendly motor and generator set technology. Fire and the wheel are two of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind. Our Aquanition® technology is poised to take its place in history as well. Not only will it change the world, it will change world order forever. Anyone with access to water will be able to produce energy. Aquanition® motors and gensets run on fresh, salt, brackish and waste water. Aquanition® produces 100% safe and sustainable power that is completely scalable to meet the power requirements of any application for a multitude of uses. It has no negative environmental effects. In fact, the more that it is employed, as an alternative to fossil fuel engines, the cleaner the environment will become. Aquanition® technology also lowers the costs of goods sold by slashing the high cost of energy in the manufacturing process, as well as the transportation costs of getting goods to market, which in many cases, exceeds the value of the goods produced.

  • Aquanition® technology can also be retrofitted onto existing gasoline combustion engines so they can run on water.
  • Generator sets are scalable and can produce clean electricity where ever needed at a fraction of the cost of current technologies.
  • Vehicles will be non-polluting, cost the same as fossil fuel models but operate at a fraction of their current cost.
  • Sea going vessels won't need to stop for refueling and won't emit harmful exhaust or pollute the oceans.
  • Water treatment facilities will enjoy substantially lower costs of operation, which could help provide the answer to droughts.
  • Trucks, Humvees and tanks would be less susceptible to explosion from enemy attack.


Hydro Turbines Zenviba Hydro Turbines produce sustainable clean electricity from the kinetic energy of the Gulf Stream Current from our patented Rim Drive Hydroelectric Turbine technology. Over 20 years of research and development went into designing the turbine systems and our team has over 40 years of experience in marine and vessel construction, including work in the Bering Sea and North Sea. The technology provides firm capacity/dispatchable power rated at 5MW per system. It has been successfully tested the open center hydro turbine in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Florida, off Scotland in the North Sea and the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. We have worked with U.S. Department of Navy engineers at the Carderock Test Facility to perfect the open center design. We also have university partnerships with Florida State University, Texas Tech University and the University of Massachusetts.


  • Startup cost per kWh at or below $0.19 and decrease to less than $0.02 over ten years.
  • 5MW Hydroelectric Turbine is 95% efficient and has the potential to produce 43,800,000 kWH per year.
  • Scalable Firm Capacity per MW requirements
  • Easily installed and low maintenance
  • Little to no sea floor disturbance
  • 100% clean sustainable energy


Wind Turbines Zenviba is a world leader in wind turbines. Our patented Rim Drive™ technology employs a unique, low-cost design that enables power to be derived from a rim located on the outer edges of the blades. The results are higher efficiencies, no gearbox, no braking system, and far fewer mechanisms needed to produce power. Our 24-blade rim drive turbine is 30% more efficient and captures wind at lower speeds than the current industry standard 3 bladed central shaft driven turbines. Our turbines operate in Class 2 through Class 6 wind speeds. Conventional turbines produce energy in a span of approximately 12-14 m/s, while our rim drive design produces energy in a range over 20 m/s. The variable speed generator produces in high wind speeds, but also takes advantage of the more common slower wind speeds.

The benefits of our 24 blade design compared to the standard 3-blade design:

  • Low cut-in and high cut-out speeds
  • Resonance Field Modulation
  • Drive multiple generators with a single turbine
  • AC or DC electricity
  • 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Compressed air
  • Lower tower heights
  • Land or Sea operation
  • Lower costs of installation
  • No effects on avian life or migration
  • Quieter operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Variable speed generator

These factors all add up to more consistent power generation, with more flexibility, lower costs, less down time and a higher return on your investment. Please see our 5MW unit pictured to the left.


Water Treatment Zenviba has developed disruptive patent-pending technology that lowers the cost of water treatment and desalinization and repurposes the brine, which here to fore has been a major liability of the process. Our motto is nothing goes to waste in the cycle of life ecosystem and as such, our technologies incorporate that which is naturally present along with that which has been produced by man, used and discarded. Our technology captures and converts the discarded brine into various usable ecofriendly products. Water covers 73% of the earth’s surface, it is in the air we breathe and makes up 65% of our bodies. It is both the most abundant and precious resource on earth. Throughout history wars have been fought over water, and if important steps are not taken history shall repeat itself in the very near future. Because of the world’s growing population and the negative effects of pollution and climate change, our existing drinking water supply is dwindling fast, and we must find new cost-effective ways to produce new sources of drinking water.

Zenviba Off the Plantation grows 100% sustainable, organic, high quality super foods in underserved urban communities. We collaborate with local municipalities to help eliminate food deserts and educate citizens on the benefits of healthy diets and exercise. Our integrated hydroponic technology reduces the cost and carbon footprint of food production globally. We also offer healthy cooking classes in our onsite commercial kitchens and lease space to budding food entrepreneurs.

 Strategic Partnerships