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Every attempt to outsmart Mother Nature has failed or will fail, and man has done so at his own peril. Man’s greatest successes have come when we have focused our efforts on mimicking Her. If Mother Nature had intended for man to use fossil fuels to power our lives, She surely wouldn’t have buried them miles beneath the earth’s surface.”
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel

The Zenviba Way

As a Fourth Sector organization, The House of Zenviba has a revolutionary structure and impact investment mission.  We create our own entities, partner with others to create entities, invest in early-stage and late-stage companies, as well as make direct investments into underserved communities.  However, regardless of the Zenviba funding source, 100% of our investments are geared toward achieving sustainable economic development and all of our Portfolio Company cohorts work in concert to achieve our stated objectives and outcomes.

Watersmyth® Corporation

Watersmyth® is focused on producing 100% sustainable firm capacity energy and cost-effective water treatment for global emerging economies rich in natural resources and human capital, that currently do not have reliable power generation or potable water, which stifles their economies and growth prospects. Water is both the most abundant and precious resource on earth, covering 73% of the earth’s surface, it is also in the air we breathe and makes up 65% of our bodies. Unfortunately, because of world population growth, pollution and climate change, our existing drinking water supply is dwindling fast and we must find new cost-effective ways to produce new sources.  Throughout history wars have been fought over water, and if important steps are not taken history shall repeat itself in the very near future. Our highly disruptive patent-pending HydroSpur® and BrineXtract® technologies are poised to take its place in history. Not only will these technologies change the world, they will change world order forever. 

Our HydroSpur® combustion motor and genset distributed generation (DG) technology produces firm capacity 100% sustainable, environmentally friendly and low-cost energy that will revolutionize every industry reliant upon it.  Anyone with access to fresh, salt, brackish or waste water will be able to produce their own energy.  Unfortunately, the dichotomy is simple, as citizens with electricity are healthier, better educated, earn more and enjoy a better standard of living than those without.

   Benefits of HydroSpur® technology:

Watersmyth HS1000
  • Any fresh, salt, brackish or waste water can be converted to energy.
  • More it is used as an alternative to fossil fuel, the cleaner the environment will become.
  • Produce clean, low cost electricity where ever needed.
  • Completely scalable to meet the power requirements of any application.
  • Vehicles will cost the same as gas models but operate at a fraction of the cost.
  • Sea going vessels won’t need to stop for refueling or pollute the oceans.
  • Slashes COGS through lower manufacturing and transportation costs.
  • Military vehicles would not be susceptible to explosion from enemy attack.
  • Can be retrofitted to existing gasoline or diesel

Our BrineXtract® is focused on producing sustainable and cost-effective water treatment and desalinization technologies that lowers the cost and repurposes the brine, which here to fore has been a major liability of the process.  Our motto is nothing goes to waste in the cycle of life ecosystem and as such, our ecofriendly BrineXtract® technology captures, processes and converts the discarded brine into a variety of high-value industrial products for use in new explosive growth opportunities.

       Benefits of BrineXtract® technology:

Water Treatment
  • Lower water treatment facility costs will result in more plentiful drinking water.
  • The earth’s best antioxidant, Astaxanthin for heart health and cosmetic products.
  • The earth’s best eye health supplement, Lutein for clear vision.
  • Glycerin for various uses.
  • Superfoods for human consumption.
  • 100% organic feedstock for animals.
  • 100% organic sea salt.
  • 100% organic biodegradable lubricants
  • The earth’s best fertilizer.


Islatude® Resorts

Islatude® is a sumptuous private resort situated on 3,000 pristine acres with three miles of picturesque Caribbean beachfront, replete with its own super-yacht marina, international airstrip and helipad to provide our residents, members and guests with direct access to the most sublime live, work and play retreat on earth.  Accommodations will include an ultra-luxurious 7-Star hotel with oceanfront cottages and over-water cabanas, as well as private one-acre oceanfront villas and forever sunrise and sunset vistas from the tallest residential tower in the Caribbean. It will feature high-end retail, restaurants of various cuisine to feed your fancy and panoramic views from Class A executive offices, convention and meeting space.  The Night Club will elevate the "speak-easy" to new heights and feature world-class entertainers in an upscale, intimate acoustic venue with unmatched ambiance and service for the ultimate experience.  For sportsmen, a 100,000 square foot club house and fitness center, championship golf and tennis on all 3 surfaces, croquet, bocce, polo and equestrian facilities, deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, windsailing and hot air balloons await. For those seeking to turn back the hands of time, our state-of-the-art Spa curates ancient Eastern teachings and modern Western medicine into an unparalleled full suite of the very best in health, wellness and beauty procedures, therapies and services administered by internationally renowned Medical Doctors, Osteopathic Doctors, Chiropractic Doctors, Clinicians and Practitioners in our tranquil setting conducive to rest, relaxation, recuperation and renewal.   

Ottrois® Communications

Ottrois® provides fully integrated content creation, curation and circulation (C3). Creation: Art Patrons were the original venture capitalists.  We offer dynamic international multicultural creatives from wide-ranging disciplines our capital, culture of enthusiasm for innovative endeavors, knowledge, tools and invaluable relationships to converge and work side by side as entrepreneurs in a spiritually vibrant ecosystem conducive to inspiration and exploration, free of constraints and conflicts to imagine a world where anything and everything is possible. Curation: We produce, publish, aggregate and syndicate various content in art, fashion, music, sports, entertainment, news, education, diplomacy, finance, technology, event planning and management, as well as public relations and public affairs to eloquently deliver a message or position a brand.  We are experts in breaking down barriers, banishing stereotypes and dispelling ignorance by relating experiences that make us all human and resonate with people of all ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Circulation: We are creating a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) called Ottrois, which will be the world's first affordable over the top (OTT) unlimited high-speed connectivity mobile network that seamlessly delivers 100% consumer driven information, entertainment and social media safely and securely to your fingertips in one tap, anywhere, anytime.  Ottrois’ proprietary platform will offer customized strategic communications services for B2C, B2B and B2G with measurable interactive digital marketing solutions.

Strategic Partnerships

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