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Who We Are




We are Social Entrepreneurs

"We view the underserved, not as burdensome mouths to feed, but as future innovators and
leaders. Developing human capital and creating sustainable economic development are
the keys to urban renewal. Yet, separate but equal is unachievable and disingenuous
without equal access to capital, resources and opportunity, and the gentrification
devastating communities of color must be checked."
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

We Bring Meaning to our Investments

Zenviba Capital Corporation is a non-profit investment bank that generates innovative sources of financing and revenue streams that produce direct measurable impacts and multiple bottom lines of prosperity in underserved urban and rural communities. We curate investment initiatives that level the playing field to create sustainable economic development, develop human capital and create economic opportunities. We are pioneering mission driven Social Entrepreneurs that believe human capital development is the greatest poverty alleviation strategy, as it ends the vicious cycle of dependency and lifts the socio-economic status for generations to come through asset accumulation and inheritance. Through our unique Fourth Sector Social Venture Intermediary public-private partnership structure, no project is too large or complex, and benefits will inure to communities for years to come.

We Change Communities, Change Lives and Create Opportunities

Zenviba is a pioneer in social transformation with disruptive technologies in the most disadvantaged communities left behind by globalization. Our Fourth Sector model delivers sustainable economic development and community revitalization that eliminates slum, blight and food deserts, and creates capacity, affordable housing, workforce development to address the skills gap and community asset management.

We are Multipliers of Prosperity

Collaborating with Zenviba enables municipalities, CRA's and CDC's to leverage their public-sector funding with foundation Program Related Investments (PRI), Mission Related Investments (MRI) and private equity capital. Our scalable and replicable turn-key projects decrease investment risk and produce multiple bottom line outcomes. This is particularly critical as federal, state and local governments have cut social program funding.

Economic Community Craft

We have created a superior public-private platform that meets IRS criteria for PRI's and MRI's and we seek virtuous catalytic capital from foundations and philanthropists that currently only fund 20% of their PRI goals, for a collective $43 billion annual distribution, due to a dearth of quality investment projects that don't jeopardize their charitable foundation status. We offer the following benefits to our social venture partners:

  • We offer Individual Accredited Investors tax deductibility on their investments
  • We offer Banks and Financial Institutions CRA credits for their investments
  • We offer Foundations and Philanthropists a return on their investments
  • We offer CRA's and CDC's opportunities to leverage their investments
  • We offer to transform historically blighted areas into vibrant communities

Return on Investment

The call for evidence-based practice, resource efficiency, and proven outcomes means that rigorous evaluation is becoming ever more important. We focus on key industries, where we have a core competence, to provide a high level of consulting and technical assistance that adds value to foundations seeking to increase their PRIs. Our services include Social Return on Investment (SROI); Strategic Foresight and Planning; Social Innovation; Social Venture Development; Social Entrepreneurship; Enterprise Development; Social Impact Assessment; Social Enterprise Strategy; Social Sector Evaluation; Project and Program Evaluation; Education; and Community Wealth Building.

How We Deliver

Zenviba Funds

Zenviba Venturata Social Venture Fund Seeks environmental justice and equity in quality of life and wealth creation. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and thriving communities to build a prosperous nation. As such, the Fund takes a holistic approach to urban renewal that addresses the total needs of each community. We maintain that when thoughtfully executed, it can eliminate slum and blight, gentrification, structural inequalities and artificial barriers; improve socio-economic conditions; foster innovation, job creation and environmental stewardship. The Fund provides equity, project financing, bridge and gap financing to diligently preserve and restore historical structures and provides insight on creative adaptive re-uses that add a new dimension. The Fund also provides capacity building equity capital to minority owned privately held technology and manufacturing companies with highly disruptive ideas that will challenge the established leaders in those spaces. Helping to build capacity in these overlooked companies with innovative ideas and great growth prospects will also generate thousands of new high paying jobs in their communities. The Fund builds public-private partnerships with Foundations, Philanthropists, Developers, Community Reinvestment Agencies (CRA) and provide capacity building equity financing to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI), Community Development Corporations (CDC). Through these partnerships, the Fund will apply for RESTORE ACT proceeds to breathe new life into the Gulf Coast Region still recovering from the BP oil spill and Hurricane Katrina. Proprietary research and management is provided by Zenviba Capital Corporation.

Health Justice Bonds In 2015, Zenviba launched the first of their kind Justice Bonds in connection with the 150th anniversary of the 13th Amendment. Justice Bonds provide an innovative and desperately needed low-cost financing vehicle to help fund essential social services and spark sustainable economic development in underserved urban and rural communities. Justice Bonds meet IRS criteria for foundation Program Related Investments and Mission Related Investments. Zenviba Health Justice Bonds are designed to create a new model of cutting edge health as the economic development engine of marginalized communities through new or retooled carbon-neutral facilities. The first Bond issue will raise $330 million to restore the only public hospital in West Contra Costa County to full service, saving 900 jobs and keeping $150 million annually of economic activity. It will create the country's first carbon-neutral public hospital, a network of renewable energy sources and a telemedicine network designed to eliminate deficits by eliminating unnecessary visits. Every hospital in the country is required to reach this standard by 2030. Zenviba Partner, John William Templeton and author of Impacting Inequality Through Investment: State of Black Business, 11th edition, says, "Justice Bonds reverse the disinvestment and deindustrialization at the heart of health disparities and environmental injustice. They are a market-based way to literally bring clean power to the people." For investors, the Bonds will accumulate property worth more than $250 million, aggregate carbon offsets in the hundreds of millions and return above average interest from relatively guaranteed medical fees and tax revenues. With hundreds of community health facilities facing low reimbursements from federal and state payers, new service demands and expanding income inequality, Zenviba Healthcare Systems turn liabilities into assets. "Fixed costs like power and waste become profit centers and health disparities give rise to outcome-based interventions," adds Templeton. "Families and communities cannot succeed without civic infrastructure."

Zenviba Companies

Zenviba Healthcare Partners would like everyone in U.S. to have access to high-quality, integrated healthcare, regardless of where they live. Like everything that we do, we take a holistic approach and maintain that good health is a three-legged stool of mind, body and spirit. Leading a balanced lifestyle is the key to protecting one's immune system and slowing the aging process, which includes a proper diet, exercise and meditation. As scientists, we apply technology and dedicate our efforts and resources to identifying the root cause of ailments and finding the cure, and not simply treating the symptoms. We are all a product of our environment, which is a major contributing factor to our health. As such, we practice environmental medicine which considers the exposure to toxins, carcinogens and other elements in one's everyday life that may have a detrimental impact on one's well-being. We also understand the challenges of serving lower socio-economic populations living in underserved, polluted communities and we provide expert advice and solutions to healthcare management to overcome those issues, as well as maximize current sources of revenue, calibrate expenses and find new revenue streams to help underperforming medical centers become profitable. Additionally, we provide longitudinal studies and capital for building new or modernizing existing facilities, forming specialized medicine practices, purchasing new technology and state-of-the-art equipment, refinancing existing debts and/or providing additional credit facilities.

 Strategic Partnerships