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Who We Are

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We are Venture Capitalists

"Technology is the great equalizer. We begin with the end in mind, engineer our own success, and are focused on creating elegant solutions that solve the major challenges of our lifetime."
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

Contrary to popular belief, not all money is fungible

Zenviba Capital LLC is a long term, bottom up, hands-on investor that seeks outsized returns by organizing and acquiring stakes in privately held early-stage companies with innovative ideas with global applications, high profit margins and explosive growth potential. We firmly believe that early money properly invested and nurtured rises like yeast, and we work closely with our Portfolio Companies to ensure their success. Our assets, those under management and close relationships with other capital sources allow us to finance complex projects in many markets and without limit.

We Invest in People and Ideas

Ideas are conceived on day one, and Zenviba is there on day two. We are true venture capitalists that engage pre-entity, pre-proof of concept and pre-revenue. We immerse our entrepreneurs in our Catapultech® incubator ecosystem of idea formulation and clarification, entity formation and organization, seed capital, strategic planning, market intelligence, sales, marketing, lead generation, partnerships, logistics and back office support. By marrying advice and developmental services with capital, we play a greater role in developing and implementing ideal solutions. We like to think of it as connected capital.

Go Big or Stay Home

Zenviba believes that ideas matter and innovation without purpose is an empty exercise. Catapultech® is a premiere high-frontier R&D laboratory of top-notch, multi-discipline scientists and engineers. Our applied imagination has yielded scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements that have produced disruptive solutions that have been contemplated, but never successfully completed. All of our technologies are designed to work with nature, and will result in multibillion dollar savings. Our partners, scientists and entrepreneurs work hand-in-hand throughout R&D, proof of concept and commercialization.

Idea Submissions

Zenviba is committed to preserving our natural resources and protecting our delicate ecosystem, while safely delivering new technologies that will transport us to new galaxies. We were chartered to help create the next generation of great companies and we were early investors in Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Ebay, PayPal, Yahoo, Netscape, AOL, Qualcomm and Biochem Pharma. If you are the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit, have a game-changing idea with global applications, possess the intestinal fortitude and stamina to conquer goliath, please submit your 12-page pitch deck to ideas@zenviba.com.

Zenviba Funds

Zenviba Fund seeks to exploit market volatility, dislocations, short-term price fluctuations, arbitrage, etc. caused by economic conditions, news, weather and seasonally driven events in equities, currencies, commodities, carbon credits and financial instruments, including credit default swaps, distressed residential and commercial mortgage backed securities. The Fund may hold long and short positions, derivatives, futures and options, trade frequently and rely upon momentum, technical analysis and fundamental research. The Fund is concentrated and may invest in thirty holdings or less. Proprietary research, management and administration is provided by Zenviba Capital LLC. The Fund is closed to outside investors.

Zenviba Catapultech Fund finances the research & development activities of our Catapultech® Laboratories incubator of high frontier disruptive technologies with global applications and explosive growth opportunities. The focus is on big ideas that solve major challenges, like sustainable energy, sustainable food and the internet of things. The Fund is concentrated and may invest in twenty holdings or less. The Fund takes a long-term view and intends to remain invested and engaged through commercialization, a buyout or an initial public offering. Proprietary research, management and administration is provided by Zenviba Capital LLC. The Fund is closed to outside investors.

Zenviba Real Estate Investment Trust invests in real property that may include Zenviba offices and holdings, completed developments, projects under construction and raw land that is slated for future development, as well as other residential and commercial properties that we deem appropriate. The Fund may also invest in Private Mortgages and Commercial Loans to foreign buyers seeking to acquire U.S. residential and commercial properties. The Fund takes a long-term view and seeks to profit from the appreciation of the underlying real estate assets over time, as well as on the income stream derived from the properties. Proprietary research, management and administration is provided by Zenviba Capital LLC. The Fund is closed to outside investors.

 Strategic Partnerships