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Who We Are

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We are Venture Philanthropists

"Self-esteem is the world's greatest elixir, and confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy through which
all accomplishments are envisioned and achieved. We reside at the intersection of art and
science utilizing our analytic left brain in concert with our creative right brain to
curate investments and public policies that inspire and build self-esteem."
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

We Bring Meaning to our Investments

Zenviba Academy of Art and Science Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit investment bank and nonpartisan think and do tank. The historic importance that art has played in the development of all cultures throughout civilization is undeniable. Archeologists have uncovered 46,000 years of art history and only 10,000 years of food cultivation. Art patrons were the original venture capitalists and we engage communities in that spirit with our investments and initiatives that level the playing field, create sustainable economic development, develop human capital and create economic opportunities. We generate innovative sources of financing and revenue streams that produce direct measurable impacts and multiple bottom lines of prosperity in underserved communities, and First Nations. We are pioneering mission driven Venture Philanthropists that believe human capital development is the greatest poverty alleviation strategy, as it ends the vicious cycle of dependency and lifts the socio-economic status for generations to come through asset accumulation and inheritance.

We Seek the Truth and We Speak the Truth to Power

Zenviba engages in policy without getting involved in politics. We seek the truth and we speak the truth to power. We are provocative in our approach. We share our vision and defend our ideas. We believe there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Doing what’s right should be an involuntary bodily response. We endeavor to do things the right way the first time, every time. We understand the power of secrets and believe that influence should be used to benefit those without any. We advocate for an Accountable and Responsible Government that ensures Human Rights and the Environment are always respected and free from politics. We are a leading data driven resource on U.S. economics and demographics. Since 1993, our proprietary qualitative, quantitative and “mixed methods” research has tracked trends, forecasted challenges, disruptions and opportunities, and proposed comprehensive solutions that have been published in 53 books, numerous reports and documentaries.

Knowledge is Power

We believe that knowledge is power and human capital development is the greatest poverty alleviation strategy, as it ends the vicious cycle of dependency, improves socio-economic status and quality of life for generations to come through asset accumulation and inheritance. Our comprehensive ESTEAM Educational Curricula of entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, art and math has transformed and empowered the lives of over 5,000 youths through self-esteem enhancement by tapping their interests and aspirations, broadening their self-awareness, exposure and knowledge base, improving their creative and critical thinking skills, academic performance, self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, career development, environmental awareness and long-term success.

ReUNION is the brainchild of Zenviba Academy President and award-winning author, historian and economist, John William Templeton. ReUNION is our proprietary massively open online curriculum (MOOC) platform designed to eliminate the achievement gap for African-American students within six years by providing them with comprehensive cultural awareness and their true historic and current contributions to mankind. Powered by 25 years of our exclusive research and development, The Learning Garage™ psycho-social intervention, calibrated to address 24 different points of influence for learners of African descent, and other acquired materials such as UNESCO's General History of Africa and General History of the Caribbean, it can bring 80 percent of students to subject proficiency in 6 weeks. ReUNION's success is unparalleled, and it has been recommended to the nation's largest school districts by the American Educational Research Association and is in the process of being integrated in the San Francisco Unified School District.

Creative Holistic Art Integrated curriculum is the brainchild of Zenviba Academy Executive Director Rachel J. Hughes. CHAI incorporates art forms in the learning process to stimulate right-brain and left-brain synchronization which amplifies cognition, enrichens subject material, enhances participation, dramatically improves retention and the overall learning experience.  Our CHAI curriculum is currently delivered to students at iTech High School in Miami, Florida and at our mountain retreat in Asheville, North Carolina.

Resource for Creative Exploration

By their very nature, creatives are serial entrepreneurs and we support them as such. We extend our culture of enthusiasm for creative endeavors, knowledge, tools, relationships and capital to help sustain the nascent stages of art-based projects through to completion. We accept artist's proposals for social impact and offer a live-work space to incubate their craft. Additionally, we match creatives with nurturing subject matter expert mentors that provide guidance and expertise on taking their ideas to market as viable business models. Our mandate is to ensure that there is an abundance of capital for the continued exploration of art today and into the future. We believe art is a vehicle to sustain citizen participation in the creativity process, integral to the foundation of cultural progression and if nurtured a valid problem-solving technique when applied to both social and business settings.

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