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Global Citizens

What We Do

"Technology is the great equalizer. We begin with the end in mind, engineer our own success, and
are focused on creating elegant solutions that solve the major challenges of our lifetime."
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

We Invest in People and Ideas

Ideas are conceived on day one, and Zenviba is there on day two. We are true venture capitalists that engage pre-entity, pre-proof of concept and pre-revenue. We immerse our entrepreneurs in our Catapultech® incubator ecosystem of idea formulation and clarification, entity formation and organization, seed capital, strategic planning, market intelligence, sales, marketing, lead generation, partnerships, logistics and back office support. By marrying advice and developmental services with capital, we play a greater role in developing and implementing ideal solutions. We like to think of it as connected capital.

Go Big or Stay Home

Zenviba believes that ideas matter and innovation without purpose is an empty exercise. Catapultech® is a premiere high-frontier R&D laboratory of top-notch, multi-discipline scientists and engineers. Our applied imagination has yielded scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements that have produced disruptive solutions that have been contemplated, but never successfully completed. All of our technologies are designed to work with nature, and will result in multibillion dollar savings. Our partners, scientists and entrepreneurs work hand-in-hand throughout R&D, proof of concept and commercialization.

Idea Submissions

Zenviba is committed to preserving our natural resources and protecting our delicate ecosystem, while safely delivering new technologies that will transport us to new galaxies. We were chartered to help create the next generation of great companies and we were early investors in Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Ebay, PayPal, Yahoo, Netscape, AOL, Qualcomm and Biochem Pharma. If you are the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit, have a game-changing idea with global applications, possess the intestinal fortitude and stamina to conquer goliath, please submit your 12-page pitch deck to

We Change Communities, Change Lives and Create Opportunities

Zenviba is a pioneer in social transformation with disruptive technologies in the most disadvantaged communities left behind by globalization. Our Fourth Sector model delivers sustainable economic development and community revitalization that eliminates slum, blight and food deserts, and creates capacity, affordable housing, workforce development to address the skills gap and community asset management.

We are Multipliers of Prosperity

Collaborating with Zenviba enables municipalities, CRA's and CDC's to leverage their public-sector funding with foundation Program Related Investments (PRI), Mission Related Investments (MRI) and private equity capital. Our scalable and replicable turn-key projects decrease investment risk and produce multiple bottom line outcomes. This is particularly critical as federal, state and local governments have cut social program funding.

Economic Community Craft

We have created a superior public-private platform that meets IRS criteria for PRI's and MRI's and we seek virtuous catalytic capital from foundations and philanthropists that currently only fund 20% of their PRI goals, for a collective $43 billion annual distribution, due to a dearth of quality investment projects that don't jeopardize their charitable foundation status. We offer the following benefits to our social venture partners:

  • We offer Individual Accredited Investors tax deductibility on their investments
  • We offer Banks and Financial Institutions CRA credits for their investments
  • We offer Foundations and Philanthropists a return on their investments
  • We offer CRA's and CDC's opportunities to leverage their investments
  • We offer to transform historically blighted areas into vibrant communities

Return on Investment

The call for evidence-based practice, resource efficiency, and proven outcomes means that rigorous evaluation is becoming ever more important. We focus on key industries, where we have a core competence, to provide a high level of consulting and technical assistance that adds value to foundations seeking to increase their PRIs. Our services include Social Return on Investment (SROI); Strategic Foresight and Planning; Social Innovation; Social Venture Development; Social Entrepreneurship; Enterprise Development; Social Impact Assessment; Social Enterprise Strategy; Social Sector Evaluation; Project and Program Evaluation; Education; and Community Wealth Building.

 Strategic Partnerships