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We are Creatives

A Message from our Chairman

Great organizations are not defined by their products alone. Its people and its culture matter most, as innovative products and services are simply the output. The House of Zenviba is where our creatives help other creatives exploit opportunities to turn the centuries old pyramid scheme on its head, allowing abundance and ingenuity to flow from the bottom to the top, and thus unleashing the power of the 99% who are the true creators of wealth, while abolishing the top down structure that has unjustly enriched the 1%.

We have hand-picked and assembled an eclectic mix of Creatives, Environmental Capitalists, Social Entrepreneurs, Urbanists and Globalists with varied experience, skill sets and 200 years of combined global capital markets and economic development expertise and established a deep culture of servant leadership. We structure each relationship for optimal results and support our investments and initiatives with advocacy and civic engagement to improve the lives of those in the communities we serve.

Zenviba Ventureprises is comprised of venture capital firm Zenviba Capital LLC, economic development Benefit corporation Zenviba Venturata Fund Inc., offshore merchant bank Zenviba Trading Company Ltd. and nonprofit investment bank and think and do tank Zenviba Academy of Art and Science Inc., which work in concert to fulfill our manifesto. Our icon symbolizes our Fourth Sector vision and commitment in everything that we do, as the universe intended. Our resources, relationships and precise execution set us apart.

About our Founder & Chairman

Gregory S. Daniel is an international financier, seed investor, entrepreneur, activist, philanthropist, patron of the arts and Chief Architect of the House of Zenviba. Mr. Daniel serves as Chairman and CEO of Zenviba Ventureprises, as well as Chairman and Evangelist of all portfolio companies. Mr. Daniel is a charismatic leader, consummate rainmaker and creative dealmaker that brings 30 years of experience in the global capital markets, international trade, corporate finance, real estate and risk management.

This Wall Street veteran and former NYSE Principal is a senior executive for Mercantil Bank and has previously served in senior capacities for Bank of America and Wells Fargo. During his distinguished career, he has created several companies, orchestrated IPO’s, financed projects on 4 continents and cultivated deep roots in his vast international network of corporate executives, entrepreneurs, premier families, sovereign wealth funds and senior governmental officials to whom he remains a trusted advisor.

Mr. Daniel is active in community affairs and several industry trade groups including Gold Coast Venture Capital Association, Association for Corporate Growth, Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, Community Development Financial Institution Fund and the United States Small Business Administration, where he advocated and drafted federal legislation that provided $300 million for small businesses that created 10,000 jobs and had a $2 billion economic impact in underserved urban and rural communities.

Mr. Daniel is a Director of Florida Atlantic University Tech Runway and Business Loan Fund of the Palm Beaches, as well as a Trustee of Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches, Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce and Central Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce. Greg previously served as Chairman of Palm Beach County School District Office of Inspector General Audit Committee, Member of City of West Palm Beach Independent Audit Committee and Director of Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches and the Boy Scouts.

Mr. Daniel earned a BS in Business Administration from United States International University (now known as Alliant International University), San Diego, California.

Zenviba Family Office Members

Alan C. Espy, Esq., is the CLO of the Zenviba Ventureprises Family Office and has managed the Office's legal affairs since 2003. Mr. Espy has practiced Corporate Law and Civil Litigation for over 30 years. He is Board Certified by the Florida Bar as a Civil Trial Lawyer and has been recertified three times. Mr. Espy is "AV" rated by Martindale-Hubbell and is listed among "Florida's Super Lawyers." Mr. Espy currently serves as a Director of the Eric Dolch Children's Encephalitis Foundation, and has previously served as a Director of The Benjamin School Corporate Board and a Director for Friends of Abused Children. Mr. Espy earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1980 from the University of Florida, graduated with honors from the University of Florida College of Law in 1983, and was also admitted to the Florida Bar in 1983.

W. Spencer Harris, CPA is the CFO of the Zenviba Ventureprises Family Office and has managed the Office’s financial affairs and partnered in investments since 1987. Mr. Harris brings 45 years of experience in accounting and finance in North, Central and South America. During the 1980’s Savings & Loan crisis, Spencer served as Treasurer of the United States Financial Liquidation Trust Company, working closely with renowned law firms Fried Frank and O’Melveny & Meyers, he oversaw the liquidation of over $120 Million in assets. He started his career with Kenneth Leventhal & Company (now Ernst & Young) in 1968, where he worked on the high-profile mergers Singer and CBS. Spencer received his MBA from Golden Gate University in Taxation and BS in Business Administration from California State University at Los Angeles. He is a past Chapter President of BETA ALHPA PSI.

Zenviba Venture Partners

Anthony Babatunde Akinyede is a Zenviba Venture Partner and brings 30 years of experience in startup development, operations, marketing, negotiating counter-trade agreements, cultivating new trading partners and markets for EX/IM of raw materials, manufactured and finished products. Mr. Akinyede was born into a politically prominent family in Nigeria and maintains deep relationships with senior governmental officials, business leaders and partners in the West African region. Tony is the founder of African American Think Tank, an international advisory group focused on building a bridge between African and American entrepreneurs and executives. Tony received his primary education in London and earned his Master's in International Relations in 1986 and BS in 1985, both from United States International University (now known as Alliant International University).

Donald E. Alves II is a Zenviba Venture Partner and brings 50 years of experience in the hospitality and entertainment industries serving in senior executive roles for MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment Corporation and Merv Griffin’s Resort Hotel. Mr. Alves’ expertise is in high demand, as he has literally worked on every Las Vegas stage over the past 25 years, as he moves freely between Hollywood, New York and London. Don is the founder of Starwood Film & Music Production which produced and directed "The First Annual Rap Awards Show" for BET, feature films and promoted concerts, boxing and UFC matches. Mr. Alves served as Stage Manager for Roger Minami's "Island Fever", Michael Flatley’s "Lord of the Dance" and Kenneth Feld’s "The Madhattan Show". He is also an accomplished artist that worked with Carol Burnett and Flip Wilson as a teen in the 1970’s.

Stuart D. Cooper is a Zenviba Venture Partner and Chief Exploration Officer of CatapulTECH® Laboratories and brings 40 years of entrepreneurial experience and inventor of several highly disruptive technologies. Mr. Cooper designed computers and software for Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, and Verbatim including special function keys and hand-held financial calculators. Stuart has structured transactions that raised billions from private and public capital markets for 75 companies and is a respected CPA, author and consultant in the areas of Public Companies, Securities Regulatory Compliance, and Regulatory Compliance for Financial Institutions. He is a past member of AICPA, Florida Institute of CPAs and American Society of Business Appraisers. He is a former CFTC trader and Chicago Mercantile Exchange member. Stuart earned a BS in Commerce from De Paul University.

Connie Coopersmith is a Zenviba Venture Partner and brings 30 years of experience as an Emmy Award winning team member, winning writer, editor, TV producer and event planner that has served on the production teams for 4 major networks in live sports television and created original programming. Ms. Coopersmith has produced or orchestrated international forums, presidential inaugurals, debate prep, speeches, book tours, fundraisers, multi-laterals with foreign heads of state, live television venues and emergency visits to disaster regions. Since 1992, Connie has traveled to 5 continents on behalf of Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, First Lady & U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative, Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Al Gore, and has executed special projects for U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce, USO, NFL and Quincy Jones.

Moulay Rachid El Bekraoui is a Zenviba Venture Partner and brings 30 years of experience in quantitative analysis, as well as designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing electronic products. Born into a prominent family in Morocco, Mr. El Bekraoui maintains strong ties with senior governmental officials and Royal Families in the MENA region, where he has done business for many years. Rachid is a retired professional soccer player and coach that serves as Chairman of the Southwest Soccer Club. He has previously held senior engineering positions at Johnson Matthey and Caltrans working on the interstate highway system. Mr. El Bekraoui earned an MBA from National University in 1991 and BS in Civil Engineering from United States International University (now known as Alliant International University) in 1985.

Alberto Pando is a Zenviba Venture Partner and brings 30 years of innovative media executive experience in content creation, distribution, marketing, strategic planning, performance optimization and new business development whose teams have won 144 Emmys and 13 Murrow awards. Mr. Pando is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of NewsPrime Networks, Inc. Al has launched and branded News, Sports and Entertainment platforms for Televisa, Univisión and Fox. He is the former General Manager of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting under the 'Voice of America' during recent time of historic change in US policy towards the Island nation. He produced the 1990 World Cup in Italy, which generated record ratings and profitability. While at Televisa, he launched "Pantelion Films" with Lionsgate, and developed scripted TV series for ABC, MTV, Lifetime and others.

Roberto Prado Sagarzazu is a Zenviba Venture Partner and brings 30 years of Emmy, Peabody and Edward R. Murrow award winning media executive experience in network TV, news, motion pictures, fine art and emerging media. Mr. Prado is the Co-founder and CEO of NewsPrime Networks, Inc. Roberto produced coverage of the LA Riots, OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson trials, live Academy Awards red carpet event, Seoul Olympics, FIFA’s UEFA, CONCACAF and World Cup Games, Formula One and America’s Cup. He is an innovative team builder with the unique ability to blend technology, creativity and good business across national and cultural borders. He transmitted the first ever high-resolution motion picture dailies over the Internet for “Titanic” and was part of the Hollywired project that connected all of the motion picture studios in LA with a high-speed fiber optic ring.

John William Templeton is a Zenviba Venture Partner and President of Zenviba Academy of Art and Science Inc. Mr. Templeton is an award winning, nationally recognized economist, historian, demographer and author of 53 books over his 40-year publishing career of eloquently speaking the truth to power. John is the recipient of 6 national journalism awards and was the California Black Chamber of Commerce 2016 Visionary Award winner. He is a regular contributor to The Hill, NYSSA, Today's Engineer, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News and PRWeek. John is the creator of ReUNION educational curriculum, Co-Founder of National Black Business Month and the creator and curator of the California African-American Freedom Trail. John graduated with honors in journalism from the first freshman class of the Howard University School of Communications.

Zenviba Executive Team

Dr. Mustapha Benmoussa is a Managing Director of Zenviba CatapulTECH® Laboratories and brings more than 20 years of experience in plant molecular biology and genetics, complemented by a strong background in food science and a broad technical background in biotech, food analytical chemistry and processing. His multidisciplinary expertise has yielded in several scientific advances. In 2010, Dr. Benmoussa founded AGT Nutraceuticals, LLC at Purdue University Research Park as a visiting Professor, which has developed proprietary new microalgae strains with high agronomic characteristics that produce high levels of lipids. New processing techniques of microalgae cell components were also developed to produce nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients. Today that work continues into commercial production at our South Florida facility.

Wolff J. Charles is the Treasurer and Compliance Officer of Zenviba Academy of Art and Science Inc. and brings 30 years of financial management experience. For the past 11 years, the Haitian born Mr. Charles served as the Director of Finance of non-profit Business Loan Fund of the Palm Beaches, Inc., where he designed their financial management system to ensure adequate internal controls and federal compliance. Previously, Wolff served as Senior Accountant of Palm Beach County School Readiness Coalition, Inc. where he administered a $40 million annual budget. Prior to relocating from New York City to Florida in 1996, Mr. Charles spent 10 years as a Senior Auditor in the Office of Auditor General NYC Board of Education and NYC Department of Youth Services. Mr. Charles earned a BS in Accounting from Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York.

Michael G. Holmes is a Managing Director and brings 40 years of experience working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as a trusted advisor to several high-ranking members of the Royal Family. Mr. Holmes has lent his business acumen and expertise to the Kingdom in various capacities from procurement to planning, directing and overseeing new projects within the Kingdom. Through his invaluable service to the Kingdom, he has been granted access afforded to only a handful of people in the world which makes him a well-respected and highly recognized figure throughout the region. Mr. Holmes played collegiate football at the University of Michigan for legendary coach Bo Schembechler, earning his BS in 1976. His two sons played college football at USC and in the NFL. His daughter is married to former NFL All-Pro Pittsburgh Steeler and USC alum Troy Polamalu.

Rachel J. Hughes is the volunteer Art Studio Program Manager of Zenviba Academy of Art and Science Inc. Ms. Hughes is the founder & CEO of Art Studio World, Inc. in 2007 and the creator of the proprietary Creative Holistic Art Integrated (CHAI) educational educational curriculum. Rachel is a 9/11 survivor who retired and relocated to Miami after spending 20 years as an executive in corporate multi-media, content development, educational publishing, advertising, marketing, communications, graphic and web design managing 100-member project teams in NYC, Philadelphia, DC and LA. Throughout her career she served as a volunteer teaching artist working with at-risk youth and served as Project Manager on urban renewal projects in Brooklyn. Rachel earned an AS in Fine Arts & Art Education from Cazenovia College, NY and BFA from Moore Collage of Art & Design in Philadelphia.

Tony R. McCray II is a Managing Director, tireless community organizer, creative economic development expert and consensus builder with many friends from Tallahassee to Capitol Hill who brings 40 years of experience in Fourth Sector public-private-philanthropic partnerships that have secured millions of dollars in Federal, State and Local grants for various projects. Mr. McCray is leading Rebuild Northwest Florida and RESTORE efforts and was instrumental in the Maritime Park Development. He has founded and directed many organizations including the REAP Summit, CDCs, CRAs, projects funded by HUD and U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency, National Center for Entrepreneurial Development at Florida A&M, West Palm Beach MBDC and the Palm Beach Community Foundation. He earned a BS in History from Tuskegee Institute in 1972.

Ruben Ocan Ortiz is the Executive Director of Zenviba Academy of Art and Science Inc. and brings 20 years of experience in non-profit management, programming, fundraising, marketing and promotion. Mr. Ortiz is from Boston via Puerto Rico and NYC. In Boston’s non-profit sector, Ruben is known as Ocan (translation: heart in Yoruba) because he leads with his heart. Ocan’s original quote is “When one leads with the heart, courage is then gained through vulnerability.” Prior to joining Zenviba, Ocan held executive positions with Impact Boston and YWCA Boston where he gained notoriety and respect for his outcome driven work in social justice, youth leadership development, curriculum development, program development and management, and relationship management of funders, community stakeholders, peer groups and program participants.

Honey Rossi is President of Zenviba Omnimedia's Music label and brings 20 years of experience in artist development, representation and management. Honey manages several Latin artists in the area of Salsa and Tropical Music including Steven Rousse and Tony Medrano. Ms. Rossi developed and produced a Reality Show searching for new talent in the Urban Genre in Dominican Republic together with Colorvision and Roy Tavaré, a Songwriter, Composer and Producer of many worldwide Latin hits such as "Se Me Va La Voz" of Alejandro Fernandez, "Pegate" of Ricky Martin, and who has also worked with Latin artists such as Shakira, Alejandra Guzman, Carlos Ponce, Roselyn Sanchez, Lisa M, Cher, Enrique Iglesias, Tito Rojas and others. Honey has managed multi-million-dollar budgets and 350-member international teams for multi-national corporations.

 Strategic Partnerships