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We Invest in People and Ideas               Innovation Does Not Respect Tradition, and Neither Do We               We are Creatives, Environmental Capitalists, Social Entrepreneurs and Global Citizens               We Bring Meaning to Investing               Innovation Without Purpose is an Empty Exercise




Global Citizens

Who We Are

“Our manifesto is to develop disruptive technologies that create new
paradigms, revitalize communities, lift nations out of poverty
and make the planet and all of its inhabitants healthier.”
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

Innovation does not respect innovation, and neither do we

The House of Zenviba is a unique Fourth Sector incubator and clearing house of investments, intellectual property and human capital focused on addressing the major issues of our time that will fundamentally change the course of human history. We are Creatives that maintain that impossible is the temporary stage in the development of everything that was, is and ever will be. We are Environmental Capitalists that invest in technologies that reduce our carbon footprint, improve security, independence, health, and lower costs. We are Social Entrepreneurs that serves as a Social Venture Intermediary to facilitate urban renewal and multiple bottom line strategies for stakeholders. We are Global Citizens that introduce free-market principles, technology and the global capital markets to emerging economies to produce economic development, mutually beneficial trade, promote peace and global prosperity. Our resources, invaluable relationships and precise execution set us apart.

Contrary to popular belief, not all money is fungible

Zenviba Capital LLC is a long term, bottom up, hands-on investor with 200 years of combined capital markets expertise that allows us to structure each transaction for optimal results. We seek outsized returns by organizing and acquiring stakes in privately held early-stage companies with innovative ideas, global applications, high profit margins and explosive growth potential. We believe that early money properly invested and nurtured rises like yeast, and we work closely with our Portfolio Companies to ensure their success.

Global Players in a Local Symphony

Zenviba Capital Ltd. is a Panama domiciled private independent fiduciary that provides a suite of asset management services that offer complete anonymity, including acquisitions and dispositions, private mortgages, administration, accounting, record keeping, escrow and custody, as well as electronic accounts receivables and payables and lock box services for governments, sovereign wealth funds, multinational companies, family offices and entrepreneurs with business interests in North America and the Caribbean.

Bring Meaning to your Investment

Zenviba Capital Corporation is a non-profit investment bank that makes direct measurable impacts in underserved communities. We curate investments that level the playing field and create sustainable economic development and opportunity, and we seek virtuous catalytic capital for Program Related Investments and Mission Related Investments from foundations. Through our innovative public-private partnership structure, no project is too large or complicated, and benefits will inure to the communities for years to come.