We Invest in People and Ideas               Innovation Does Not Respect Tradition, and Neither Do We               We Bring Meaning to Investing               Innovation Without Purpose is an Empty Exercise

We are Creatives

"Technology is the great equalizer. We begin with the end in mind, engineer
our own success, and are focused on creating elegant solutions
that solve the major challenges of our lifetime"
– Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

Innovation with Purpose

Merriam-Webster defines the word “media” as a medium of cultivation, conveyance or expression. Zenviba Omnimedia Company defines media as anything that one’s senses can perceive. We are a vertically integrated creator, curator and distributor of media content of all types and forms. Our dynamic, multicultural creative professionals have 300 years of combined international experience in the fields of art, fashion, sports, entertainment, news, education, finance and technology, as well as public relations, marketing, event planning, politics, diplomacy and crisis management.


Content may be King... Our eclectic team of experts converge to work side by side in a high-energy ecosystem conducive to inspiration, exploration and innovation, free of constraints and conflicts to imagine a world where anything and everything is possible. But, Delivery is Key...  We break down barriers and banish stereotypes by relating experiences that make us each human and resonate with all generations and cultural backgrounds. No matter the project, count on our vast expertise to eloquently deliver your message.


Zenviba Omnimedia Lab

Zenviba Omnimedia Lab is an idea incubator,  technology accelerator, talent and technique developer. It is a public, private, philanthropic partnership sponsored by Zenviba companies and outside contributors. By their very nature, creatives are serial entrepreneurs and we support them as such. We extend our culture of enthusiasm for creative endeavors, knowledge, tools, invaluable relationships and capital to help sustain the nascent stages of innovation and art-based projects to completion. We match participants with nurturing industry veteran mentors and subject matter experts that provide guidance and expertise on taking their ideas and artistic talents to market as viable business models.

Go Big or Stay Home 

Zenviba Omnimedia Lab is a high-frontier R&D laboratory of multi-discipline scientists and engineers working hand-in-hand from idea to proof of concept to commercialization. Our scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements have produced disruptive solutions that have been contemplated, but never successfully completed. If you are the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit, have a game-changing idea with global applications, possess the intestinal fortitude and stamina to conquer Goliath, please submit your deck to ideas@zenviba.com. Zenviba Omnimedia Lab is an atelier where we foster the professional development of artists interested in pursuing careers in fashion and entertainment. Art is a vehicle to sustain citizen participation in the creative process, integral to the foundation of cultural progression and if nurtured a valid problem-solving method when applied to both social and business settings. The Artist in Residence program accepts artist's proposals for social impact and offers a live-work space to incubate their craft. Please submit your deck to artists@zenviba.com.

Strategic Partnerships

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