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Zenviba Ventureprises

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We are Social Entrepreneurs

"We view the underserved, not as burdensome mouths to feed, but as future innovators and
leaders. Developing human capital and creating sustainable economic development are
the keys to urban renewal. Yet, separate but equal is unachievable and disingenuous
without equal access to capital, resources and opportunity, and the gentrification
devastating communities of color must be checked"
- Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

We Change Communities, Change Lives and Create Opportunities

Zenviba Benefit Corporation is a pioneer in social transformation with disruptive technologies in disadvantaged communities left behind by globalization. We are Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact investors doing well by doing good. We generate innovative sources of financing and revenue streams that produce direct measurable impacts and multiple bottom lines of prosperity. Our unique Fourth Sector business model is a public-private-philanthropic partnership acting collectively as a Social Venture Intermediary, operating for-profit and non-profit affiliates to accomplish social missions whose benefits will inure to communities for years to come. This is critical as federal, state and local governments have cut social program funding.

Economic Community Craft

We take a holistic approach to community craft and address the total needs of justice, equity and opportunity that levels the playing field and improves the quality of life for all. We maintain that when thoughtfully executed, urban renewal can enhance community asset management; create engines for sustainable economic development and diversification; foster innovation, environmental stewardship, job creation and workforce development to address skill gaps; knock down artifical barriers and structural inequalities; and eliminate food deserts, bank deserts and communication deserts.

Opportunity Zones

Our urban renewal projects comply with the new IRS rules granted to investments in Opportunity Zones that extend or eliminate all capital gains taxes. We engage at-risk communities pre-gentrification, which exhibit the same easily identifiable hallmarks of disinvestment and devaluation caused by redlining and code violations. Our investments and initiatives support existing property owners and stakeholders to eliminate slum and blight and improve socio-economic conditions, while educating elected officials and staff on the enormous benefits of investing in and preserving historic communities of color.

We Bring Meaning to your Investment

The Venturata Fund provides equity, bridge and gap financing for projects that diligently preserve and restore historical structures, as well as insight and expertise on creative adaptive re-uses that add a new dimension. We provide capacity building equity capital to overlooked minority-owned privately-held technology and manufacturing companies with highly disruptive ideas and great growth prospects that have the potential to generate thousands of new high paying jobs within our underserved communities. Proprietary research, management, and administration is provided by Zenviba Capital LLC. The Fund is open to select Institutions, Foundations, and Philantropists.

Justice Bonds provide a desperately needed and innovative low-cost financing option for essential social services and infrastructure projects. The first of their kind Bonds were underwritten and issued by Zenviba Capital, LLC in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the 13th Amendment in 2015. As income inequality has reached record disparities, demands for new services have risen, community healthcare facilities are facing low reimbursements from federal and state payers resulting in poor care or closures, and lack of high-speed internet access has widened the digital divide. The Bonds may be purchased by select Institutions, Foundations, and Philanthropists.

Indigenous Dawn Initiative

Sovereignty is the right to self-determination and controlling one's own destiny. Anything short of that is subordination. Citizens of all nations deserve the right to choose their own path and govern as they collectively see fit without the undue control or influence of others. Zenviba is actively seeking engagement to help the First Nations of North America collaborate to build and diversify their economies, produce their own food and energy, care for, educate and train their citizens, safeguard their lands from pollution and become truly self-sufficient sovereign states, thus giving birth to a new day in the First Nations.

How We Deliver

Web Chart Of Zenviba Methodology

Venturata Token

Venturata is the pro-rata equity participation in the benefits of new opportunities, technologies and economic development ventures. Venturata Tokens are issued and administered by Zenviba Trust Company as a return on investment enhancement for our Visionary Level charitable contributors to the Zenviba Benefit Corporation and Zenviba Academy of Art and Science initiatives. Venturata Tokens are exchangeable for Class B Common Non-Voting Stock shares of predetermined Zenviba Portfolio Companies with potentially disruptive technologies. The exchange rate of Venturata Tokens is set at the sole discretion of Zenviba Trust Company, which may vary and change without notice. The Zenviba Portfolio Company shares received in exchange are classified as Restricted Stock and are nontransferable and must be traded in compliance with special U.S. Securities Exchange Commission regulations. Full details and privileges are provided upon issue.

Venturata Tokens

We are Multipliers of Prosperity

Zenviba believes that it takes a village to raise a child and thriving communities to build a prosperous nation. Our partnerships with  Donor Advised Funds, foundations, philanthropists, municipalities, CRAs and CDCs enable entities and First Nations to leverage their public-sector funding with Program Related Investments (PRI), Mission Related Investments (MRI), CDFIs, banks, private equity and venture capital to finance projects. Our team has extended $1 Billion in credit and invested $500 Million in 1,000 companies, administered $100 Million in grants, created 50,000 jobs, and provided 100,000 hours of training and technical assistance to 15,000 entrepreneurs.

Return on Investment

We create superior Fourth Sector public-private-philanthropic partnerships that transform historically blighted areas into vibrant communities. Our scalable and replicable turn-key projects meet IRS criteria for PRI's and MRI's, decrease investment risk and produce multiple bottom line outcomes and we seek virtuous social impact capital from philanthropists and foundations, who unfortunately, currently only fund 20% of their PRI goals, for a collective $43 billion annual distribution, due to a dearth of quality investment projects that don't jeopardize their charitable foundation status. We offer the following benefits to our social venture partners:

  • We offer Accredited Investors tax-free, tax-deferred or tax-deductible ROI

  • We offer CRA's and CDC's opportunities to leverage their funds

  • We offer Banks and Financial Institutions CRA credits for their investments

  • We offer First Nations economic diversification, food and energy security and financial independence

  • We offer Donor Advised Funds Foundations and Philanthropists a ROI

  • We offer Emerging Economies, States and Municipalities access to leading technologies

Strategic Partnerships

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