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We Invest in People and Ideas               Innovation Does Not Respect Tradition, and Neither Do We               We are Creatives, Venture Capitalists, Venture Philanthropists, Social Entrepreneurs and Global Strategists who Bring Meaning to Investing               Innovation Without Purpose is an Empty Exercise

Zenviba Ventureprises

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We are Venture Capitalists

"Technology is the great equalizer.  We begin with the end in mind, engineer
our own success, and are  focused on creating elegant solutions
solve the major challenges of our lifetime"
- Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

Contrary to Popular Belief, Not All Money is Fungible

Zenviba Capital LLC is a long-term, bottom up, hands-on investor that seeks outsized returns by organizing and acquiring stakes in privately held early-stage companies with innovative ideas with global applications, high-profit margins and explosive growth potential. We firmly believe that early money properly invested and nurtured rises like yeast, and we work closely with our Portfolio Companies to ensure their success. Our assets, those under management and invaluable relationships with other capital sources allow us to finance complex projects in many markets and without limit.

We Invest in People and Ideas

Ideas are conceived on day one, and Zenviba is there on day two. We are true venture capitalists that engage pre-entity, pre-proof of concept and pre-revenue. We immerse our entrepreneurs in our Catapultech® incubator ecosystem of idea formulation and clarification, entity formation and organization, seed capital, strategic planning, market intelligence, sales, marketing, lead generation, partnerships and back office support. By marrying developmental services with capital, we play a greater role in implementing ideal solutions. We like to think of it as connected capital.

Zenviba Family of Funds

The Zenviba Fund seeks to exploit market volatility, short-term price dislocations, distress and arbitrage caused by economic conditions, news, weather and seasonally driven events in equities, bonds, debentures, mortgages, credit default swaps, currencies and commodities. The Fund may hold long and short positions, derivatives, futures and options, trade frequently, rely upon momentum, technical and fundamental analysis. The Fund is concentrated and may invest in 30 holdings or less. Proprietary research, management, and administration is provided by Zenviba Capital LLC. The Fund is closed to outside investors.

Zenviba Catapultech Fund finances the research and development activities of our Catapultech® Laboratories incubator of high-frontier disruptive technologies with global applications and explosive growth opportunities. The focus is on big ideas that solve major challenges, like sustainable food, sustainable energy, communication, information and healthcare. The Fund has a long-term investment horizon and remains engaged through  commercialization, buyout or initial public offering. Proprietary research, management and administration is provided by Zenviba Capital LLC. The Fund is closed to outside investors.

Ibis Partners Fund invests in non-affiliated startups and has more than 100 sucessful exists including Tilray, Curaleaf, Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Terremark,  Omnipoint, Nextel, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Yahoo, Netscape, AOL, PSINet, UUNet, Qualcomm, IDEC Pharma, Biochem Pharma, ARIAD Pharma, Affymax,  Pharmacopeia, Conforma Therapuetics, Sequana Therapuetics and Viagene. The Fund has a long-term investment horizon and remains engaged through commercialization, buyout or IPO. Proprietary research, management and administration is provided by Zenviba Capital LLC. The Fund is closed to outside investors.

Zenviba REIT invests in completed residential, commercial, mixed-use and resort communities, projects under construction and/or renovation, as well as raw land that is slated for future development. The Fund supports our Zenviba Real Estate Company, a full-service developer of sophisticated, sustainable, state-of-the-art, and LEED certified communities. The Fund has a long-term investment horizon and seeks to profit from price appreciation and the income stream derived from the properties. Proprietary research, management and administration is provided by Zenviba Capital LLC. The Fund is closed to outside investors.

Uncommon Wisdom

Compiling data is a science, interpreting it is an art. We applied both science and art to offer independent, unbiased, conflict-free, advice and counsel. We are data-driven Global Strategists who have been compiling proprietary research for 30 years. We track trends, forecast challenges and disruptions, and identify economic opportunities. We provide qualitative, quantitative and “mixed methods” research that clearly define issues and formulate solutions for the public, private and social sectors.  We specialize in the Financial Services and Consumer Products industries and our practice areas include: capital formation; human capital: strategic planning; market intelligence; risk management; M&A; sales, marketing and lead generation; product, market and industry analysis; supply chain and logistics. We may also be helpful in gaining regulatory approvals, contracts, manufacturing facilities, skilled labor, conflict-free commodities, minerals and raw materials.

Innovate or Die

It is difficult for organizations to reinvent themselves from within because of implicit bias. For not until every possibility has been exhausted, does the real work begin. We offer fresh eyes and an uncommon perspective to forge new opportunities.  We are on the ground, in-country, fluent in all major tongues, understand local cultures and draw upon our decades of international experience and invaluable long-lasting relationships, that reach the highest levels of the public and private sectors. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise both buyers or sellers so regardless of your position, we will identify the appropriate target/suitor or joint venture partner and structure the transaction to maximize the valuation of your enterprise for shareholders.

In the event that you would like to remain independent, and need to raise capital to finance organic growth, fund acquisitions or to make a technology transfer we can also assist to elevate your firm to the next level.

Fiduciary Services

We provide multifaceted asset management services including: administration, accounting and record keeping, automated electronic accounts receivables and payables for governments, sovereign wealth funds,  corporations, family offices and entrepreneurs with global business interests.

We facilitate direct foreign investments into Zenviba Portfolio Companies under the United States EB-5 and E-2 Investment Visa programs. We also facilitate L-1 Visas, L-1A Visas and L-1B Visas which allow our international management and technologists to immigrate to the United States.

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Strategic Partnerships

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