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We are Venture Philanthropists

"Self-esteem is the world's greatest elixir, and confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy through which all
accomplishments are envisioned and achieved. We reside at the intersection of art 
and science
utilizing our analytic left brain in concert with our creative right brain to curate
investments and public policies that inspire and build self-esteem"  
- Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

Knowledge is Power

Zenviba Academy of Art and Science Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit educator. As a society, the single most important investment that we will ever make is in the education of our children. We are pioneering mission driven, outcome focused Venture Philanthropists who believe that knowledge is power and human capital development is the greatest poverty alleviation strategy, as it ends the vicious cycle of dependency, improves socio-economic status and quality of life for generations to come through asset accumulation and inheritance.

ESTEAM Curriculum

Reading is fundamental! The ability to read at grade level is a critical indicator of each and every child's future success in life. Our award-winning ESTEAM curriculum of entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, art and math has transformed and empowered the lives of over 10,000 youths through self-esteem enhancement by tapping their interests and aspirations, broadening their self-awareness, exposure and knowledge base, improving their creative and critical thinking skills, academic performance, self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, career development and environmental awareness.

ReUNION MOOC platform eliminates the achievement gap for black students bringing 80% to subject proficiency in 6 weeks. The American Educational Research Association has recommened it to the nations largest school disctricts. It is powered by 25 years of R&D, UNESCO's 6,000 years of black achievement, The Learning Garage™ psycho-social intervention, and calibrated to address 24 different points of influence for learners of African descent. It is currently being integrated in the San Francisco Unified School District.

Creative Holistic Art Integrated curriculum is the brainchild of Zenviba Academy Art Program Director Rachel J. Hughes. CHAI incorporates art forms in the learning process to stimulate right-brain and left-brain synchronization which amplifies cognition, enriches subject material, enhances participation, dramatically improves retention and the overall learning experience. Our CHAI curriculum is currently delivered to students at iTech High School in Miami, Florida and at our mountain retreat in Asheville, North Carolina.

Computer Science should be part of the core curriculum of primary education starting in kindergarten. We teach coding using the award-winning Code.org online course in single-gender, hands-on programs that inspire budding coders to write their own applications, as well as those preparing for a lucrative IT career.

Ready Pá La Calle is our cultural exchange program sponsored by the Embassies of the United States and the Dominican Republic where we further American values through music, art and dance. Dominican student participants travel to the US and take part in four weeks of activities led by our professional Zenviba staff.

Creative Exploration

The historic importance that art has played in the development of all cultures throughout civilization is undeniable. Archeologists have uncovered 46,000 years of art history and only 10,000 years of food cultivation. Art patrons were the original venture capitalists and we engage creatives in that spirit with our investments and initiatives. Our mandate is to ensure that there is an abundance of capital and resources for exploration of the arts and sciences to help produce the next generations of inspirational creatives.

Museum of African-American Art & Innovation

Black History is world history! Zenviba is dedicated to telling the stories of blacks that have made significant contributions to world history, shamelessly overlooked by American history textbooks. We are in the early planning stages of creating the Museum of African-American Art & Innovation at the San Francisco Embarcadero in California to fill the void for a permanent exhibition space for major African-American collections and become the counterpart to the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington, DC. We will seek to reclaim the thousands of African-American artifacts that have been pirated and illegally exploited by the unscrupulous for hundreds of years, which includes some of America’s most vaunted organizations and institutions. It will display of the adventures of Captain William Alexander Leidesdorff and feature the works of Sargent Johnson and other prominent black artists, entertainers and inventors.  The Museum will be added to the 6,000 site California African-American Freedom Trail, sponsored since 2012 by San Francisco Travel and the Hotel Council of San Francisco. The Museum will provide the perfect backdrop for inspiration to members of our Catapultech® Incubator & Workspace, which will also be housed there. Founding members include: 

The Dr. B. Nathaniel Burbridge Center for Inclusive Innovation in honor of the first black professor at UCSF and president of the San Francisco NAACP during the 1960s civil rights movement, which desegregated the auto, hospitality and finance industries. 

The HBCU Pacific Research Institute, a hub for research, online and direct instruction and technology transfer for historically black colleges and universities, African and Caribbean universities to solve the big problems of poverty, health and economics.

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