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We Invest in People and Ideas               Innovation Does Not Respect Tradition, and Neither Do We               We are Venture Capitalists, Venture Philanthropists, Social Entrepreneurs and Global Advisors that Bring Meaning to Investing               Innovation Without Purpose is an Empty Exercisee

Zenviba Ventureprises

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We Invest in People and Ideas

"We believe that impossible is the temporary stage in everything that is, was, or ever will be.
Achieving what has never been done, is the collective spirit and mindset that drives us" 
- Zenviba Chairman Gregory S. Daniel.

The House of Zenviba

Great organizations are not defined by their products alone. Its people and its culture matter most, as innovative products and services are simply the output. The House of Zenviba is where our creatives help other creatives exploit opportunities to turn the centuries old-pyramid scheme on its head, allowing abundance and ingenuity to flow from the bottom to the top, and thus unleashing the power of the 99% who are the true creators of wealth, while abolishing the top-down structure that has unjustly enriched the 1%.

We have hand-picked and assembled an eclectic mix of passionate, creative and accomplished professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds with varied experience, skill sets and 200 years of combined global capital markets and economic development expertise and established a deep culture of servant leadership. We structure each relationship for optimal results and support our investments and initiatives with advocacy and civic engagement to improve the lives of those in the communities we serve.

The Zenviba Way

Through our revolutionary structure and impact investment mission, we create our own entities, partner with others to create entities, invest in early-stage and late-stage companies, as well as make direct investments into underserved communities.  However, regardless of the Zenviba funding source, 100% of our investments are geared toward achieving sustainable economic development and all of our Portfolio Company cohorts work in concert to achieve our stated objectives and outcomes.

The Zenviba Ventureprises Single Family Office is comprised of venture capital fund and global strategist Zenviba Capital LLC, economic development firm Zenviba Benefit Corporation and nonprofit  technology incubator Zenviba Academy of Art and Science Inc., which all work in concert to fulfill our manifesto. Our icon symbolizes our Fourth Sector vision and commitment in everything that we do, as the universe intended. Our resources, relationships and precise execution set us apart.

Our Moniker

Zenviba® is the state of clarity and serenity admist chaos! We are Fourth Sector free-thinking radicials who value making a difference above profits in our investment decisions, initiatives and civic engagement.

Our Manifesto

Zenviba® is changing the world by developing disruptive technologies that create new paradigms, revitalize communities, lift nations out of poverty and make the planet and all of its inhabitants healthier. 

Our Vision

A world where we exercise our free will endowed by our creator, where
consumption is matched by need, where we each give more than
we take and we all contribute to the natural circle of life.

Our Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Gratitude & Respect


Strategic Partnerships

Water.org    Gold Coast    Emerge    Pipeline    FAU    Palm Beach Tech    Knight Foundation    The Miami Foundation    Center for Enterprise Opportunity    Policy Link    SBA    Business Center    UNESCO    Clinton Global Initiative    iTech    SFUSD    Aspire    Bayt Mal